Welcome to Bambit's roadmap extravaganza! Picture this: a rollercoaster ride through the crypto jungle, where pandas lead the way and memes fuel our rocket to the moon. Get ready for twists, turns, and plenty of bamboo snacks as we navigate the wild world of cryptocurrency with laughter and joy! πŸΌπŸŽ’πŸš€


Phase 1

  • βœ… Launch website, telegram, twitter accounts to public

  • βœ… Twitter blue checkmark

  • βœ… Launch NFT minting

  • βœ… Open first BAMBIT game to public

  • βœ… Launch Merchandise store

  • βœ… Start organic shilling to grow TG community

  • βœ… Token official AUDIT

  • βœ… Start presale

Phase 2

  • βœ… Start prelaunch marketing 24-48h before launch

  • βœ… Launch AD campaings

  • βœ… Secure initial partnerships with TG/X callers and youtubers

  • βœ… Launch $BAMBIT

  • βœ… Upgrade dextools/dexscreener socials

  • βœ… Dexscreener paid ads

  • βœ… First game release

  • βœ… CMC fast-track listing

  • βœ… Initial youtube marketing push

  • βœ… First TikTok push

  • βœ… CG listing

  • βœ… Conduct AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with the team regularly

Phase 3

  • βœ… JUP strict list github push

  • βœ… Mint 50% NFTs

  • βœ… 1000 holders

  • βœ… Reddit campaign

  • βœ… Start BAMBIT instagram account

  • βœ… First $BAMBIT community AMA on X (twitter)

  • βœ… Create giveaways and community events

  • βœ… Launch NFT merchandise function to NFT holders

  • More Marketing Campaigns by Influencers Calls & Youtubers.

  • Hire person to attend as many AMAs (Ask Me Anything) on Twitter as possible to spread awareness about BAMBIT.

  • Create a BAMBIT Ambassador Program: Recruit and reward community members who promote BAMBIT

  • Develop BAMBIT-themed Mini-games: Simple, fun games to keep the community engaged.

  • Explore CEX listings

Phase 4

  • Bambit main website SEO (search engine optimisation)

  • Merch store SEO (search engine optimisation)

  • Launch Virtual bank card

  • Launch BAMBIT virtual card

  • Enter Asian market

  • Hire multilanguage influencers

  • Secure additional partnerships with established crypto projects

  • Develop and release BAMBIT comic series

  • Be listed in at least 4 Centralised Exchanged

Phase 5

  • Develop and launch additional games

  • Organize community contests and competitions with rewards

  • Establish a charity fund powered by BAMBIT

  • Expand merchandise store with exclusive limited-edition items

  • Partner with crypto education platforms to increase awareness

  • Create a referral program to incentivize community growth

  • Establish a BAMBIT Voting System: Allow the community to vote on important decisions and upcoming features.

Phase 6

  • Integrate BAMBIT NFTs into the BAMBIT games for added utility

  • Introduce a BAMBIT loyalty program for long-term holders

  • Launch BAMBIT Loyalty Rewards Program: Reward long-term holders and active community members with exclusive perks.

Hold onto your bamboo hats, fellow Bambit enthusiasts! We're embarking on a wild journey through the cryptoverse, where our roadmap is like a GPS with a sense of humor. Expect detours, pit stops for bamboo snacks, and maybe even a wrong turn or two (blame it on the pandas navigating!). But fear not, because with each twist and turn, we'll be adding new attractions, adjusting our course, and keeping the fun meter cranked up to 11. So buckle up, because this roadmap is about to get a whole lot more bam-tastic as we grow and groove our way to meme supremacy! πŸΌπŸ—ΊοΈπŸŽ‰

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